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St. Lawrence - The Soccer Capital of Canada!

The best two labels that adequately describe the Town of St. Lawrence are its competitive spirit and quintessence of generosity.  St. Lawrence is a coastal town, located on the southeast corner of the Burin Peninsula in southeastern Newfoundland. The Burin Peninsula Highway (Route 220) passes through St. Lawrence and joins the Transcanada Highwayes, 185 km to the north. St. Lawrence is connected to all major communities in the area by paved roads that is strategically located 32 kms from international shipping lanes.

St. Lawrence was incorporated as a Town in 1949. It is governed by an electedTown Council operating under government grants and municipal taxes. The Town has a well kept network of paved streets. The Town has been served by an efficient water and sewer system since 1953. Street lighting, snow clearing, garbage collection and general maintenance of the Town is provided by the Town Council For decades this town has been the only producer of fluorspar in Canada and some fifteen years ago it established itself as the soccer capital of the country. Approximately 1400 people live here, with the fish plant now operated by Ocean Choice International being the largest employers. MORE... 

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